Murray Dunlap was recently appointed to the Brain Injury Advisory Council (BIAC) in North

Carolina by Governor Roy Cooper.

T.B.I. Defined

          The best, and more importantly -the most hopeful, way Dunlap has heard a traumatic brain injury defined was by a doctor explaining to his mother why he struggles: “Imagine that your son’s brain is a bookshelf. Before the wreck, every volume was alphabetized with a card catalog for easy access.  Then, in the wreck, all of the books were knocked off the shelf. No longer is there an order, nor a card catalog.  It will be years before Murray puts all of the books back into order.  Mind you, all of the information is still there; it simply takes Murray an impossibly long time to find it.  But eventually, he will put his library back together…”



-released on the 10 year anniversary of Dunlap’s life changing car wreck…


Proof is now available with  The Country Bookshop Boomer Press…. — please order here !



Yes, I survived the impossible. But no, I did not do it alone. With God’s grace and the unstoppable love of my wife, I have created a rewarding life from one that had burned to the ground. Thank you, Mary Balfour, for your beautiful heart. This book is for you.


“Pure, without artifice, Proof gives testimony to the resilience of spirit. To read Murray Dunlap’s poetry is to bear witness to the Divine endurance of talent.”   Katrina Denza, Director, Visiting Writers Program,  Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities

An Episcopal priest, the Rev. Greg Farrand says, “Dunlap’s poetry leads us through the unvarnished reality of human powerlessness and pain to honest spirituality, an optimistic realism born of suffering and faith.  His grit inspires the weary heart to rediscover light and hope.  His words are the perfect companion for anyone committed to walking the journey with eyes wide open.”

Dr. Fred Ashe says, “These poems–both the story they tell and the simple miraculous fact of their existence–should inspire every reader to do as Murray has done: to defy depression; to seek out a soulmate; to re-discover God.”

Editor Janine Vangool says, “The poems are raw and honest. It is a powerful collection of a journey to a new reality and a reconnection to spirituality. The book is Murray’s proof of his recovery, proof of his faith.”

Sarah S. at Volkswagen says, “There is no higher praise that Volkswagen can ever receive than one of our vehicles saved a life, and your poem is a testament to that.”


*          *           *

.At 34 years old, a nice man missed a red-light and everything about Murray Dunlap’s life changed.  10 years later, he lives every day with a Traumatic Brain Injury.  At the time of his wreck, Murray was a married writer about to start a new career as an English teacher. His marriage could not survive the confusion and amnesia. When asked, he did not know he was married.  After three months in a coma, a year in a wheelchair, learning to walk again, and more doctors and therapy than he can remember, he is living a successful life with a TBI.  Murray’s third book, Proof was published on June 7, 2018  -the 10th anniversary of his life changing wreck.  Murray is an artist, writer, photographer, motivational speaker, and is now married to an Episcopal priest.  Murray says, “I am a writer again with a new book out called Proof.  I have met, fallen in love with, and married an Episcopal priest. I am not the man I once was. I am better. It is not in spite of my suffering that I have found such happiness, it is because of my suffering that I have evolved in such a way to allow it.   I may be disabled, but I am very blessed.”


Dunlap’s first book, Bastard Blue:




“Murray Dunlap is a brave writer, and an honest one; the lives he portrays here are as heart-stoppingly authentic as his prose is dazzlingly beautiful.”

 Pam Houston, author of Cowboys Are My Weakness

“Yes, Bastard Blue is a first book but there’s more than promise on display within its pages. This collection introduces us to a fully realized talent. “

Michael Knight, author of The Typist

“Reading his stories is about as close to having a storyteller there—present, in the room–as I know.”

George Singleton, author of The Half-Mammals of Dixie


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Photo by Dunlap at Grand Canyon National Park

Some of Dunlap’s photography:    National Geographic, ‘Your Shot’

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